Get a FREE 6 MONTH PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION per Senzit unit with a purchase of 5 or more!

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Terms and Conditions

Customer must purchase and install five or more Senzit units before June 30, 2019. Customer must onboard all five or more Senzit units before June 30, 2019. Onboarding a Senzit unit is defined as creating an account via the Senzit web portal or mobile application and adding the purchased Senzit unit to that account via the onboarding instructions located here. Customer must fill out the above form with the five or more Senzit serial numbers before June 30, 2019. A Senzit representative will confirm the five or more Senzit units are onboarded to the customers account and are active. Customer is defined as the person or entity defined as the "owner" of the Senzit account. Account existance will be validated  by contact information and serial numbers provided in the above form. Once five or more onboarded units are confirmed by a Senzit Representative, a Senzit representative will update customer's account subscription to reflect six months premium subscription per Senzit unit onboarded before June 30, 2019. Accounts will be updated to reflect premium subscriptions within 30 days of confirmation of the fifth onboarded Senzit unit.